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Pink Pearl Real Estate

406 Davis St STE 101

Virginia Beach, Va. 23462



Our Story

Helping People find a new home was an exciting proposition for me.  I also wanted to get into the Real Estate Investment business the logical step was becoming a real estate agent.  

  Realizing working for other brokers meant working on a time schedule and needing to sell, sell and sell; I decided I wanted to have my own Brokerage.  I wanted to take the time that the people needed to find the perfect home; not the perfect compromise.  That also meant that from start to finish I had to have a good relationship with people for sometimes over a year in order to help them find the perfect fit.

We consider each home a pearl

When you consider each home a precious item like a Pearl you want to take the time to look closely at it and determine if it is the right one for you.  So that is how we treat each client as if they are searching for a new pearl or selling one they have created many memories with.  By looking at each home sale in this perspective it is about the people not the sale.  No rush or hurry to settle, keep looking and find the right one for you.


Viginia Beach


Living by the Ocean Brings it’s own kind of mystery.  Finding the right home near to the kinds of things you enjoy doing is also.  Some people like Jogging around the beach, others a park, find the home where you can find your own kind fun and entertainment; after living isn’t just work and home.  Your Home is where you go to be you.


Rehabilitated homes

All New Again

Rehabilitated homes

The satisfaction of taking a home that has been really run down and making it all new again is so fantastic.  We took each home individually repaired each defect and then went about the interior renovations.  New Kitchens; New bathrooms; Wood Floors; and even tile and carpeting.  Once it is complete presenting this renovation to the prospective new family really feels like a great accomplishment.

About Pink Pearl Real Estate


 Pink Pearl Real Estate was formed to help people just like you find just what you are looking for.  In the sea of real estate it is easy to get confused about which way is up or down.  For those with vision we have helped them decide how hard some of their renovation projects could be.  And for those selling a home what will it take to sell your home quickly for the best price.  When diving in strange waters NEVER go in without your dive buddy.  In the case of Real Estate your agent. 

low commission
Low Commission Real Estate Agent At Pink Pearl We truly understand the market and how to help you sell your home for the maximum dollars in your pocket. Once the deal is completed you will get a check; how much money is in it depends on a lot of factors. See our Selling your home page for more details.