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Pink Pearl Real Estate

406 Davis St STE 101

Virginia Beach, Va. 23462



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Boutique Real Estate Broker Firm


Real Estate Broker


Pink Pearl Real Estate is in fact a small business.  We want to specialize in helping people with their real estate needs on a one on one basis.  We are not looking for the high paced multi-contract juggling act you may have seen before.  I would rather take one customer from first visit to closing on a home than try to juggle 5 or 6 at once.  Because of this we have served clients that took over a year to make a decision; we gladly helped them search refine their search criteria and look at many homes before finding their pearl.  

Real Estate Agent


As a Real Estate Agent I don’t get paid until you are 100% satisfied and sign your name at the closing for your new home.  If that takes a long time; that is ok by me.  It is more important to me that you are completely happy with YOUR choice. 

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The Real Estate Meeting

The best way to get started is to interview multiple Real Estate agents in person so you can get to know them.  The initial meeting gives the real estate agent an opportunity to give a 1st impression and find out what you want and need.  It is best done in an office with access to the internet and a big enough monitor that everyone can see and agree on what is needed.



Why have a Real Estate meeting


Why have a meeting why not do it over the internet or phone?  Modern technology should make that available right!  Yes technology is great and can help do many things at once, but only in a meeting can you actually get a feeling that the real estate agent is right for you.  Yes Look at it as an interview (Video: interview your agent) here is a person you will have to give some sensitive information to during the course of your search or for the sale of your home.   Wouldn’t you rather see this person interact with you in person instead of over zoom?  Schedule Here

Dedicated to Helping you with your Everyday Real Estate needs

Throughout our web site we will have a lot of information available online for you to view.  Many people like to use checklists or PDF files for information that you may need to refer to from time to time.  We have many items we can provide in PDF or Print simply for the asking.  Contact us for your questions, or requests.   

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Buying a Home


If you are buying a new Home; for the first time or an experienced buyer,  Pink Pearl Real Estate is for you.  We are dedicated to excellence and quality care for your search.  We will gladly set up a search that fits your criteria and happily adjust it as you refine what it is you are looking for. You may know up front you want 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but those are just the basics.  As you start to look you may decide you only want to look at homes that are two stories.  You may decide a Dinning room is essential, or maybe you will not settle for anything without a Garage, maybe 2 car garage.  The list is long of things you can exclude or include in your personalized search.

Selling a Home


You have decided to sell your home.  Now you need to decide if you need professional help or not (Video: Do I need a Real Estate Agent).  You might want to find a Real Estate Agent or Realtor that will sell your home for less than the going percentage.   You may want to know if the Broker has a sales plan you can refer to.

Why choose Pink Pearl Real Estate

Our Real estate Agents and professional real estate staff are here to help you in any way we can.  There are many who will tell you they are the best; maybe even give you a guarantee of results.  If you come in we can explain all of that before you decide who you want to work with.  In the end we at Pink Pearl thin you will choose us.  See our why choose Pink Pearl Real Estate page or the about us page for more information.

low commission
Low Commission Real Estate Agent At Pink Pearl We truly understand the market and how to help you sell your home for the maximum dollars in your pocket. Once the deal is completed you will get a check; how much money is in it depends on a lot of factors. See our Selling your home page for more details.