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Time To Pack Check List

Pink Pearl Real Estate Pack and Move Checklist

  • When hiring a moving company, make sure they provide an estimate in writing.
  • Take inventory of your belongings before they are packed. For insurance purposes use the camera in documenting some important items; record serial numbers for electronic items.
  • Clean rugs and clothes before they are packed, especially if they will be stored for some time.
  • Label each box to indicate if it is fragile, what room it should go in your new home, and if it should be located last so it can be removed first at your destination.
  • Give change of address forms to the post office two weeks before moving
  • Notify your Bank, Credit Card Company and other charge accounts of your new address.
  • Give notice to all your magazine subscriptions 4 to 6 weeks in advance
  • Obtain copies of your medical and dental records.
  • At your old address, make sure utilities have been transferred out of your name.
  • Check that utilities are hooked up at your new address.