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Questions to Ask Real Estate Agent

Pink Pearl Real Estate’s list of questions you should be asking your realtor or real estate agent

When you sit down and talk with your realtor for the first time, these important questions should be discussed before before you shop for your new home.


  1. Why do I need a Realtor or Real Estate Agent?
  2. What is the right way to start the process of Buying a Home?
  3. How do I know what my price range for the home search?
  4. How do I choose the lender?
  5. What documents do I need to present for the loan officer in order to get pre-approved?
  6. How do I improve my credit score?
  7. What steps can I do to qualify for the better financing?
  8. How long does it take to get the loan approved?
  9. How much to put for the down payment and for the Earnest Money Deposit?
  10. What if the house does not appraise?
  11. What happens if the house fails the home inspection?
  12. What if…
  • the house has termite or moisture damage?
  • my loan is denied?
  • I change my mind right before closing?
  • I can buy the house only if we sell the one that we currently have?
  • I want to possess the house before closing?
  • Our furniture is arriving tomorrow and the closing is delayed a week?
  • I need the flood insurance which disqualifies me for the mortgage?
  • The seller’s new home is not ready yet and the closing date on their present home is today?
  • A personality conflict happens between me as a Buyer and the Seller?