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Military Relocation Program

Military Relocation Program

Even though we can and should find the time to say thank you to our military it is never enough for all of the sacrificing of their comfort, sense of security, family times and even lives sometimes so we can enjoy our Freedom.  I am so deeply grateful to our military members for their daily commitment to the cause and vision of our Land of the Brave!  Thank God for the Military wives that do most of the work.

In our area (Hampton Roads) we have all the service branches, including National Guard. It is one of the largest concentrations of the military personal in the country. You can meet military members or their spouses anywhere you go around here.  People one or another are connected to the military in this area. I am married to retired Marine Corps Officer; my son goes to Virginia Military Institute. Now working as the Realtor, I understand the lifestyle and the needs of the military families.

The typical military Buyers or Sellers are working on very limited time frames. Their house hunt is often just a couple days and sometimes even only online based on necessity rather than on luxury. Some have unique furniture from being based overseas and those special pieces must fit in the property. Being transferred every two or three years, some might be homeowners in another state, they usually want to know if they will be able to sell their home easily and quickly when it is time to move. Others want to know renting information of the property if they decide to hold the property as an investment.

There are many resources for the military families conveniently created to use online and they are very helpful but nothing can substitute the human personal touch. The matter is only in finding the right person to help you.

Working with Military Buyers

  • Anticipate fast and intense property search.
  • Expect an absentee spouse
  • Showcase the local market and transaction knowledge
  • Understanding of the PCS process and procedures


Working with Military Sellers

  • Evaluate Real Estate Value
  • Tune in to what my Seller wants
  • Show the math – Sell or Rent
  • Advice on preparing a Home For Sale
  • Be a problem solver
  • Offer a referral at the next location
  • Staying in touch

Helpful Resources

The Automated Housing Referral Network connects service members with available housing options including:

  • Off-base rentals
  • MHPI privatized housing
  • Military shared rentals
  • Temporary housing
  • Rent-or-Buy Calculators Links
  • wwwMove.milDoD’s portal for planning a PCS move
  • Blue Star Families
  • Certificate of Military Service, GSA Form- 180
  • CONUS COLA Locations
  • Exceptional Family Member Support
  •  DoD’s Family Resource System (FRS) supports military families through a network of programs, services, contacts, and agencies.
  • Military Housing Privatization
  •  Adaptive Housing: help for Wounded Warriors.  For the information on grants, home adaptations, links to organizations and volunteer groups that provide support for mounded warriors’ housing needs, go to the National Resource Directory at
  • PenFed Foundation Dream Makers Grants for First-Time Home Buyers:  the Pentagon Credit Union Foundation offers first-time military home buyers three-to-one matching grants up to $5000 for down payments and closing costs. The home buyer does not have to be a PenFed member to benefit from Dream Makers.
  • pay/charts  Military Pay Grades