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Marketing Plan

The Pink Pearl Real Estate Marketing Plan to Sell your House

Every home sale needs a marketing plan; At Pink pearl Real Estate we have our marketing plan online for you to view. Check out the plan, Designed to Sell Your Home at the shortest Time at the Best Price!

The best way to present your property to the Potential Buyer is let them view your Home with best quality pictures and video.  I use professional photo and video expert to achieve the best results. It is proven that the more quality pictures posted online the more views your home will receive! We strive to present your property in the best possible way while reaching to the greatest exposure though online advertising.

1.     Realtor’s Tools

  •      Lock Box
  •      E-Key
  •      Yard Sign
  •      Only Realtor’s online available resources

2.     Internet Websites

  •      MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
  •      Town Real estate Group Site
  •      Pink Pearl Real Estate Site
  •      Visual Tours
  •      Trulia
  •      Zillow
  •      Real Estate Book Site
  •      Google Real Estate
  •      Pilot Online Real Estate
  •      House Locator
  •      MSN Real Estate
  •      Cyber Homes
  •      Area Guides
  •      Next Door
  •      Many more

3.     Social Media

  •      Facebook
  •      YouTube

4.     Virtual Tours

     A good virtual tour will grab a buyer by the hand and lead her from room to room, showing a 360-degree view.While touring a home,  the buyer will be entertained by professionally added soundVirtual tours can also include individual photos available for download or to print.

5.     Print Advertising & Electronic Flyers

      Major newspapers. Find out which days pull the most readers. Typically it’s Sunday but some newspapers also publish “picture classifieds” on other days.Local newspapers. You can probably run a larger ad for less money that will more closely target those looking in your area.Technology has made it very easy to create and send electronic flyers to local real estate agents, friends, family, out – of – area brokers and agents. We can also include multiple photographs of your house.

6.     Direct Mail

     Neighbors. Everybody has friends and relatives who might want to move near them.Agents who represent buyers in your neighborhood.Buyers who live in other areas and often relocate to your neighborhood.

7.     Open House

If your home is located near a high traffic area where buyers often swarm, then it’s a good candidate. Open houses for certain homes are still a good way to showcase it to many Buyers.Just Listed postcards are a good way to notify the neighborhood and the town that your home is on the market. A high quality image and flashy description are great a addition on a postcard to have a good chance of success.Open House Sign placed throughout the area directing buyers.

Open House Ad online

Video Ad on Social Media Sites

Invite the neighbors; they’re going to come anyway.