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How to Sell My House

How To Sell my Home for the Most Money?

Isn’t it what all the Home Sellers want? Below are important factors that will make a huge difference in you home sale. Pricing, presenting, inspecting your home in a right way will help negotiating a better contract and close the transaction with less stress and the most money in your pocket.

  1. Right Price: the longer the property stays on the market, the less the seller will net for the home. It is absolutely understandable that every seller wants to set the price for their home as high as possible. But it is extremely important to selling tips 1price your property at a competitive market value. There is a saying in real estate “Your first offer is usually the best offer”  This just seems to be true more often than not.  There are many factors that will help you come to the right price, and a lot of it really comes down to your homes condition and how well it looks in a showing.
  2. House Showing: A great way to show your house is to have your Realtor or real estate agent install an electronic lock box for easy access to the property. That way your home will be ready for showing any time when the buyer wants to see it.  A lock box also allows you to be gone while the buyer is viewing your home.  Why do you need to be gone; the buyer is more likely to spend more time looking and picturing themselves in your home without you there.
  3. Paint & Carpet: paint is the best improvement for getting a greater return on your money. A freshly painted home smells clean and looks neat! Many houses do not sell because of worn or outdated carpet. Buyers chose to buy or not to buy based upon just what you show them in your home.
  4. Curb Appeal: just remember, your front yard immediately reflects the inside condition of your house to Buyers. Trees and bushes are trimmed, grass mowed and edged, walkways are swept, and flowers give lots of color – all together adding to Curb Appeal. The first impression is successfully made!
  5. Home Inspection: Remember is you get your home inspected before you determine the right price you will be better informed of your homes condition and what may be a potential detractor.  Or what needs to be fixed ASAP.