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The search engine on my website is top of the line. It is absolutely GREAT! But I am better, more personable and much more knowledgeable than any property search engine. I have been working these neighborhoods for years and I am considered an expert by all my colleagues and clients. I suggest you give me a call today at (757) 309-5760. I know about all the secret neighborhood Pocket Listings and if you do not know what a Pocket Listing is, they are homes that the homeowners are selling but are actually not listed on the MLS yet. Additionally, I also know about properties that are going to be listed in a few weeks that are not on any search engines at this time. If you are looking for a "Real Pearl" just give me a call. I know I can help you find the right home at the right price in your perfect neighborhood.

There's nothing quite like coastal living and Virginia Beach gives you access to an impressive 38-mile coastline.  Of course, choosing the best neighborhood in Virginia Beach is just as important as choosing the right home.  I help you match your lifestyle and budget with the best neighborhood, then work to find the home to suit you and your lifestyle.

Pink and Pearl Real Estate helps families from all over the country.  Isn't it time to find your perfect home and enjoy coastal living, where you can get a daily dose of Mother Nature's ocean breezes?

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