10 Reasons Clients Choose Margaryta...

  1. I help you find the right home at the right price.
  2. You get connected to great mortgage professionals who help you pre-qualify.
  3. I represent your unique interests and ensure transactions run smoothly.
  4. I give back! Choose among three packages available as my gift to you and your family to help you move into your new home! Moving,Home Decorating or Landscaping packages are offered to make buying your home more exciting.
  5. Once qualified for the loan, I help you determine the proper price range for your purchase so you save valuable time.
  6. House Hunting – I set up your home search based on your unique criteria and handle all appointments to see your desired homes.
  7. Contract and Negotiations – I work closely with you to guide you on all contract and negotiations.
  8. Closing  - if you’ve followed the expert guidance, you will come to this phase of the transaction all prepared and ready to move in.
  9. Final Details - you found the right home, ordered all necessary inspections, negotiated repairs if needed, received funds ready for the final move and waiting to finalize the purchase.
  10. Your new home is ready – time to sign and pay. Congratulations!
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