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Home inspection

Home Inspection Watch list

Although a property inspector will do a home inspectionprofessional inspection of the home you are planning to buy, it is a good idea to check couple things yourself:

  1. Property Inspection
Age Waste Disposal Ceiling Heights
Floor Plan Wiring Appearance
Square Footage Insulation Heating System
Traffic Pattern Entrances Air Conditioning
Stair Width Basement Plumbing
Hall Width Attic Water Supply
Structural damage Foundation Framing
  1. Room Inspection
Try all lights and switches Turn the oven on bake and broil
Turn all faucets on and off Test the garage disposal
Flush the toilets Run the dishwasher
Turn on the furnace and air conditioning Open and close all windows and doors
Test all stove burners Try everything you can think of
  1. Interior Features
Walls Woodwork Wall coverings
Paint Ceiling Floors
Floor coverings Doors Windows
Window treatments Lightning Appliances
Fixtures Built-ins Storage
Ventilation Closets Electrical outlets
Duct work Masonry work Cracks


Tips for successful inspection:

  • Schedule Home Inspection right after contact is ratified
  • Go to the inspection and walk around with the inspector
  • ask a lot of questions as you go along
  • Use the opportunity to learn about the home you’re buying