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First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

If you are the First Time Buyer, I highly recommend for you to save your time and instead of doing your own research start the process by interviewing couple Realtors. In most cases, buying  Home will not cost you anything in Realtor’s service expenses , but you will get professional help, guidance and representation of your interests.  This is how I work with my First Home Buyers to help you decide whether you’re ready to become a home owner.

  1. Let’s Interview each other. Here is Why!

I will explain to you all the details of the home buying process.  The meeting will help us clearly set your goals and motivation.  While scheduling an appointment I will make sure that you will be able to meet with our Loan Officer to determine the price range for your home, as well as getting Pre-Qualified.  We will make Your Needs & Wants List, the things you absolutely need to have in your new home and things you would like to have.  It is vital that we get to know each other and establish a good relationship in the beginning to make the home buying process enjoyable.


Buyers who choose to Buy a home with Pink Pearl Real Estate Team, find:margaryta-booth

    1. I find you a right Home fast!
    2. I connect you with great mortgage professionals!
    3. I commit to represent your interests and the transaction runs smoothly.
    4. I give back! Choose among three packages available as my gift to you and your family to help you move into your new Home! Moving, Home Decorating or Landscaping packages are offered to make buying home more exciting!
    5. I teach you how one of your most important purchases can become your best family investment!     Call me now: 757-309-5760

Thinking about buying?

2. Getting qualified for the loan and determining the price range for Home purchase:    The home buying process starts with the Loan Officer who will help you to find the best loan program that fits your family plan for purchasing a new Home. Let me introduce a great professional in the Mortgage field as well as a great person that will make you loan qualifying/approval  process quite easy.

Brian K. Eudailey | Loan Officer
Movement Mortgage
NMLS# 1461962
MLO – 28998VA
Cell: (757) 407-0729
Fax: (757) 264-9328
575 Lynnhaven Parkway, Ste. 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

The reasons to work with Brian K. Eudailey, experienced Loan Officer: 

  1. Movement Advantage aims to give you Upfront Underwriting within 6 hours and, if qualified, allows you to start Home shopping right away.
  2. Here is an important fact about Movement Mortgage: over 70% of the loans are processed withing 7 business days. This fact gives confidence to our clients that (once qualified) they will be able to purchase the Home they fall in love with.
  3. Upfront Underwriting, 7 day processing, first-rate service are the hallmarks of Movement Mortgage professionals fresh approach.
  4. Whether it is purchasing a home, refinancing or remodeling, Brian K. Eudailey  – experienced loan officer is ready to help you every step of the way.
  5. For any questions, contact Brian directly:  Cell: (757) 407-0729


3. House Hunting.

During our Initial Consultation, we can contact Brian and determined the price range, as well as school district, number of bedrooms, etc.

I will set up the Search based on your criteria and we will be looking into the number of options. As soon as you have chosen couple options that you would like to see, I will schedule appointments for showing.

Be prepared, you may find your perfect home immediately, sometimes it can be a long tiring process and you will have to decide on priorities for your future home.

4. Contract and Negotiations.

  • Price & Contingencies Negotiation
  • Price Negotiation Basics
  • Inspections and Contingencies Removal
  • Appraisal and Required Repairs if needed
  • Loan Approval

Rule of Thumb – House Payment Basics

5. Closing

If you planned your previous steps well and followed your Realtor’s guidance, you will come to this phase of the transaction all prepared and ready to move in.

You found the Right Home, ordered all necessary inspections, negotiated repairs if there needed, got funds ready for the final move, waiting for couple things to finalize the purchase.

Your new Home is Ready, let’s sign and pay. Congratulations! Now the keys are Yours!